graduation-rateCCSD has had recent success impacting graduation rates in many of its high schools and aims to continue that focus until we meet or exceed the national average. Graduation is an important moment in a student’s life when they are honored for their hard work and achievements. Getting to the end goal is about navigating each student’s unique road to success and celebrating milestones achieved along the way that help students stay on the right path. When students finally walk across the stage, it will be a reflection of their individual experiences and the obstacles they have overcome throughout their academic careers.

CCSD in Action:

Video Contest Thought Starters:

  • Are you currently, or is someone you know, overcoming obstacles in order to graduate, and how are you overcoming those obstacles? For instance, being first person in the family to graduate from high school, coming back to finish high school after missing the mark senior year, etc.
  • How important is the support of role models to the academic success of students and their road to graduation?
  • How have your schools of attendance (K-12) assisted you on your road to graduation? How have they prepared you for life after graduation (college, work force, etc.)?
  • Share a personal story, such as a video of a student opening their acceptance letter to a prestigious university and their raw reaction to an achievement of that magnitude, or advice and words of encouragement from your personal experience¬† to motivate students who are struggling to graduate.

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