CCSD currently has 16 schools that have been designated as Zoom Schools to increase academic success for minority students. These schools have the highest percentage of students who are limited English proficient, and in 2013 the Nevada Legislature allocated funding to provide additional support to all Zoom Schools with aspects like universal half-day preschool and Reading Skills Centers to support early literacy skills. Through the implementation of Zoom Schools, CCSD hopes to see continued growth and improvement among all English Language Learning students.

CCSD in Action:

Video Contest Thought Starters:

  • How do Zoom Schools positively impact English Language Learning students and families, as well as the Southern Nevada community as a whole? Are there specific stories you can share through video?
  • What are the benefits of universal preschool and early literacy schools?
  • Do you have ideas to increase academic success for minority students? Who would it help? What kind of difference would it make? What would it take to make your idea a reality within the Zoom Schools?

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