Get Inspired As you brainstorm ideas for your project, check out these videos for a little creative inspiration.

Tell a Story – Before you get behind the camera, decide what the message of your video will be, create a storyboard of how you will use the time (you only have 90 seconds or less!) and direct your video to tell the story in the best possible way.

Get Your Crew Together – Entries can be submitted by individuals, teams, or even entire schools. If you’re not sure you can make a video on your own, join up with a team and share your ideas!

Quality Matters – It’s not about fancy cameras or graphics packages; video from a cell phone can be compelling, too, but be sure the images can be clearly seen and that your sound quality is good. See Resources page if you need support.

You are the Talent Agent – You must have consent (permission) from anyone you film. You will need the names of every student that is in your video. If your video is selected, all of their parents will be asked to sign a release before you can be eligible. See Complete Contest Rules for details.

Keep it in Balance – This is an optional, extra-curricular activity, not intended to interfere with you or your school’s focus on instruction, testing, homework, and graduation!

Join in the Fun – Most importantly, have fun with your peers and don’t miss this opportunity to share your perspective on one or more of these important District goals.