We’ve wrangled a variety of resources, support, and advice to help you create a video worth sharing with your school, the District, and our community.

Sound Studio and Stage Time – Our partners at Vegas PBS have generously offered to open up their sound studio, two studio stages (bring your own camera), as well as some backdrops and props to students for this contest on Saturday, 5/2. See Vegas PBS Workshops page for more information and email videocontest@ccsd.net to reserve a time slot. Spaces are limited; first come, first served.

School Support – Many Middle and High Schools have video production programs of study. Check to see if your school offers a program – you may be able to join or form a team with members from one of the programs who may have access to video equipment and resources and you may find teachers willing to give a little guidance or support.

Logos – Videos should include the CCSD logo.

Videos should also feature the student’s school name in some way (for example, add the digital school logo, show the school logo or sign in video footage, have students wearing shirts with school name, etc.). Check the links below to see if your school logo is available as a digital file (click on your school name and “save picture as” to save the logo file to your computer).

If the CCSD and/or official school logo is used, they may only be used for the purpose of this video contest, and may not be used, distributed, reproduced, modified, adapted, reformatted, or re-posted for any other purposes without the consent of the CCSD.

Music – Since these videos may be published in the media, the District will not rely upon the fair use exception to copyright law. Do not use copyrighted music in your video. For possible music tracks, see the following music sites and verify common license use:

Or, find a student in a music program to join your team and create an original score!

Editing – The use of editing software allows you to be selective about the footage you keep in your video, the order it is in, combine different sources of footage together, and add audio and music tracks. Your home computer might already have video editing software like iMovie (Mac users) or Windows Movie Maker (PC users). If you don’t have this software on your own computer or don’t know how to use it, you can check with your school’s video production program as indicated above or seek a teammate with these skills to offer that support! Editing is not required to submit a video entry.

More Resources:

Video Tips

Complete Contest Rules

Submission Form

Consent/Release Form – Waiver for Entrant in Video Contest

Contest Promotional Poster and Flyer Art Files

Email questions to videocontest@ccsd.net