achievement-gapsCCSD strives to ensure that all students progress in school and graduate, prepared to succeed and contribute in a diverse global society. However, the sad fact is that data shows us that some groups donot reach the same student achievement level as other groups. For instance, some of our minority groups have lower graduation rates than the District average.

There are many factors and considerations, but CCSD is focused on closing that “gap” between students, so that every child, in every classroom has the same opportunities to reach their personal best and the ultimate goal of graduation.

CCSD in Action:

Video Contest Thought Starters:

  • Have you, or has someone in your school, overcome adversity and beaten the odds to reach a significant personal achievement or milestone? If so, tell us your story! You might just be an inspiration for other students with similar struggles.
  • Do you have an idea to support struggling students at your school or throughout the District? What is your idea? Who would it help? What kind of difference would it make? What would it take to make your idea a reality?
  • Do you know a teacher or administrator at your school that goes above and beyond for students who may need a little extra support? Let us know about the impact they have had at your school.

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