proficiencyCCSD aims to increase reading proficiency for its students, especially at an early age, to ensure their success. It is crucial that by the time students reach the third-grade, they successfully transition from learning to read, to reading to learn.

With events like Nevada Reading Week, as well as partnerships with organizations like Spread the Word Nevada, literacy is being promoted and supported throughout CCSD schools and the community.


CCSD in Action:

Video Contest Thought Starters:

  • How has reading played an influential and important role in your academic career? How has it helped you in your studies and success in various subjects?
  • How important is it to encourage reading at an early age? Do you have any ideas on how families and schools can encourage reading and make it fun for CCSD’s younger students?
  • What is being done or can be done to support students who may need a little extra help to improve reading skills?
  • Are there specific students or teachers that you could profile who are making a difference?

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