college-career-readinessCCSD is focused on developing college- and career-ready students. Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses, from agriculture science to web design, provide students with the academic and technical knowledge they need to pursue post-secondary opportunities or to enter the workplace upon graduation. And students who take Advanced Placement (AP) coursework are more likely to graduate on time, enroll in a college or university, earn a better GPA in higher education, and earn college credit for AP coursework. But personal and social development of all students is just as important as academic and career, and school counselors play an integral role in working with students to shape a balanced perspective as they progress through school and into adulthood.

CCSD in Action:

Video Contest Thought Starters:

  • What do you see yourself doing in the future? How has your school and/or your counselor helped you imagine and prepare for your dreams?
  • How can CCSD encourage more students to take advantage of Advanced Placement (AP) and Career and Technical Education (CTE) coursework?
  • Have you recently gone on a field trip to a college? How was it? How will being a former CCSD student help you in college?
  • What ideas do you have to help students leave CCSD ready to contribute to making Las Vegas, our world, and the future, a better place for all of us?

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